KPFZ Wordweavers Eugene Steinman Interview With Robert Geary - Mar 6, 2021

This is a lightly edited and updated replay of Eugene Steinman's February 20th interview with Elem resident Robert Geary (assisted by board operator Herb Gura). They talk about the names of places and the indiginous cultures around Clear Lake, with particular emphasis on Big Valley and Kelseyville. They also discuss the activities of a new group, tentatively called "Citizens for Healing", who are investigating the possibility of renaming Kelseyville, and ways of doing so which honor both residents and  the 10,000 year history of the  "Hinthal" nations in the area.

Direct Link : KPFZ Wordweavers March 6 2021

The music is from Round Valley Feather Dancers on youtube.